Yesterday I archived a very old GitHub project of mine called phantomized. If memory serves right, it was my lazy solution to being able to run PhantomJS (a scriptable browser) within an Alpine docker image that I had built for an old Discord bot, when Alpine was making it's way in to the Docker scene.

Every so often I look through my old projects, and anything I deem unmaintainable or no one uses it, I archive the repo. Good to keep things clean! When I reached phantomized, I looked and saw there has been no PhantomJS release since 2016, all the projects are archived, the packages are deprecated. I thought "yep, it's dead, everyone's moved on to Puppeteer, let's wrap this up", and I hit the archive button thinking this is just cleaning up and nothing more.

Man, I was wrong.

I've received several messages across platforms I didn't even know had a chat that I've broken production builds of both newish and legacy applications. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make your job today harder, I really thought this was long and dead.

If you're hitting my blog looking for answers, there are now a lot of forks of people who've fixed up the repo and gotten the package available again that you can use.

Before you do, it's important to point out that you really shouldn't be using PhantomJS anymore. SEVEN years of not receiving any patches for a web browser is long, like really long. If you're using it for things like CI of your web application you're probably fine, but if you're hitting the public internet then your app is susceptible to CVE-2019-17221. That's scary, and this doesn't include any other WebKit vulnerabilities that have popped up over the years.

If phantomized has helped you out in the past, I'm glad I could help! In return, do me a favour and have that likely difficult chat with your Boss on managing tech debt before some other open source maintainer hits archive on a repo. Better now than in a panic later.

Thanks for reading! Good luck.